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    Hey All,

    I am having a repeating error icon in my aol synced email . It's the yellow triangle with the black exclamation on it.

    I have deleted the account several times, but however, when I sync it back, I get that icon?

    Not sure what it is since clicking on it doesnt reveal any messages.

    As far as I can see, all the messages are loading properly. I've checked the outbox, nothing there with a problem sending.

    Anyone else?
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    i had the same thing happen with gmail not too long ago. there was an email in one of my folders that was scrrewing things up. just log into your regular aol mail on your computer and start deleting random unneeded emails. there was one that was in my outbox that was holding things up iirc.
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    I am having the same issue and its since the update. It tells me that my log in credentials are invalid. Its happening with my AIM log in as well. I tried @Mike_Diako's suggestion but its still happening. Any other suggestions???

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