This issue I have is admittedly a minor one due to our ability to use universal search to bring up particular contacts, but I was wondering if this is bothering anyone else or if there's a known fix?

In Outlook, which I had formerly used as my primary contact list repository, there are clearly defined fields for first middle and last names (for individuals) and business names (for companies). Also there is the 'display as' designation in Outlook where you can define where in your contact list a particular person would appear (for those oddball entries).

Since I've migrated my primary repository now to Google Contacts and have begun syncing to my Pre via Synergy, I've noticed that businesses in particular (and some individuals with odd entries such as Dutch multi-word last names) don't appear in the correct location from an alphabetical point of view.... For example: Northwest Airlines and Delta Airlines appears under the "A" grouping and Jorg van de Kelder appears under the K (should be V - at least in my own mental grouping).

As I led with, U search makes the grouping in my 700+ entry contact list a bit antiquated, but I'm curious if there's a way in Google Contacts to designate parsed names to particular 'outlook'-like name sub-fields? I am using GSyncIt to synchronize my Google Contacts to my Outlook at home, but I haven't done much testing there to see if changing the entries in Outlook will help on the Google / Pre side since I believe there's just one Name field in those databases.

Thanks in advance for any ideas or suggestions.