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    Today I fiinally broke down and hooked up my phone through the exchange server at work and I must say I'm very impressed! Even though I dread having work info 24/7 on my phone.

    It only took about 2 minutes (literally) to set it up and I'm not sure if just missed this in other threads, but I never new it would sync your calendar and contacts so quickly. It seems to workmgreat and I'm looking forward to having my email at my finger tips when I have a very big job kicking off in about 2 weeks and will be out of the office alot.

    I'm just really happy finally with Palm and must admit that things are moving iin the right direction for the Pre to be used in a business environment.

    Anyone else have any opinions on the Exchange capabilities?
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    I could never get my pre to sync with my company's exchange server until webos 1.2 came out. I tried it just to see if it would work, and the sync worked. However, this morning, it was disabled again, and i had to delete the account and re-enable it. Very odd but so far so good......
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    YBCold, my experience was the same as yours. Here is one thing I haven't figured out yet... Is it possible to view a shared calendar on the Pre? Our "Leave Calendar" is one of my bosses calendar he shared with everyone. I would like to see that on my phone. Any ideas?
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    i just recently started using the mail2web exchange hosting service... the set up was very easy on my desktop and my pre...i'm having some issues with contacts and calenders though...I imported them to the exchange server but i can't get them on my pre... it just searches the global address book for them , but it never finds any...guess i messed something up during the import process.....
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    My company just opened up to the idea of letting personal devices access Exchange, so I signed up. I also don't look forward to the 24/7 email access, but I can't get over how amazing it is to have my calendar with me. We're pretty meeting-driven, so it's not unexpected to bounce from meeting to meeting, and I forget where to go sometimes. Plus, now I don't have to keep personal events on Exchange just to see them overlay. Synergy worked like the bomb, too, joining together the entries I already had in GMail or Facebook with their Exchange counterparts. I imagine disabling this over vacations (or at least stopping notification), but it's pretty great so far. PIN enforcement kind of stinks, but that's avoidable, too, if the need is really there.

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