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    I recently synced my Pre with Outlook for my work email and it worked like a charm.... maybe too good. My supervisor saw my Pre and I told him how I had it synced and he went ballistic and told me to REMOVE the sync because it was costing the County that I work for $25.00 per month to have my phone sync with Microsoft Exchange.... I think he is full of it and just hates that he cannot do it with his cell phone. I need to know for sure and I have tried to find the answer but, I am stumped.....
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    There are no additional licensing fees for using ActiveSync on Exchange. Unless your county's e-mail system is hosted but that's still not a likely fee.

    He may be thinking of the fees associated with Blackberry devices.
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    The outgoing mail server is "" I do not know if that makes a difference... I had my phone synced without problems and without any IT help. I just ned to be 100% sure I am not costing my agency a monthly fee for using Microsoft Exchange....
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    can you provide a step by step instructions because I have tried with our IT department to make it work but it did not work

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