Hi there,

Apologies if this has been answered elsewhere (and I have looked both in these forums and elsewhere and can't seem to dig it up...).

I have been historically a BB or iPhone user, and Pre is now coming to UK (where I am based).

One advantage that the BB has which the iPhone does not have, in a work environment, is that it supports the EAS smartreply and smartforward protocols - essentially, on a BB, if I get an email with lots of large attachments (which I do in my line of work), and I need to forward on the run to someone, the BB is able to do the heavy lifting server-side on Exchange (presumably by telling Exchange to forward the attachments on the server) - this means that little data is used and little time is spent sending emails.

On the iPhone, by contrast, if I want to send the same email, I have to download all the attachments I want to forward to the handset, then upload them again to forward them - this is both expensive and v time consuming.

I am told that this is down to smartreply/smartforward protocol supports for ActiveSync on the device, and the fact that Apple haven't implemented them in the same way that WM, BB and Android (via Roadsync) have.

Can anyone tell me whether it's the same with the Palm Pre, both generally, but in particular with respect to EAS?

Many thanks in advance!