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    Right out of the box & and after the 1.2 update (wow EV is slow compared to WiFi by the way in terms of downloading updates) I could not get google to sync with the phone at all!

    Had to place a call into Palm and have them tell me to delete all my google accts (email, gtalk etc) and reset and than add accounts again from a fresh start and wa-la ... never had to do that one before

    Also while i am here I might as well ask, whats the deal with adding tweaks to the 1.2 ... Can i add the page add tweak? Is it safe to also do the battery meter tweak as well? Also do homebrews still work the same?

    Keep your fingers crossed this one lasts (although i must say the power button on top corner doesn't feel like the other Pre's i have had and that's def not a good thing, feels more like your not pressing anything when you press it)
    R.I.P Palm Centro (6.5.09)
    New Pre Owner (6.6.09)

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    Heres a link to WebOS Install 2.03 WebOS Quick Install 2.03 will work with the latest WebOS update 1.2 so that you can install the Preware and other apps. You can also mod battery icon, 4x4 icons, page add/delete, etc. Preware will allow you to install the theme of your choice

    The latest WebOs QI will be here either Sat or Sun according to other posters

    Hope this helps
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    thanks but now what do we do with 1.2.1 do we have to wait for a more updated webos qi now?

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