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    I just got my pre today. The problem i am having is that I cannot get my computer to recognize it when I plug it into any of the USB ports. I get the message that I need to install the new harware but when I set it to download as a USB, I cannot find the phone. I also have an Iphone so I cannot download an earlier version because itunes has already been updated.
    I downloaded the winamp software but it does notice my pre. How can i get this thing going? hopefully this makes since. I think I am going to like the phone once I can get my music on it.
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    i can sync music from media player but when i goto music on the p[re it tells me my library is empty .when i connect to computer and open pre drive all the music is there but wont let me play anything why?
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    Delete and re-sync.
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    Quote Originally Posted by DashD View Post
    I downloaded the winamp software but it does notice my pre.
    @Dash - Did you find a solution to this problem? I have the same trouble. Winamp does not see my Pre. I've tried everything. Uninstalling/reinstalling Winamp. Even took my Pre to the Doctor to start completely fresh. Can't figure it out. Winamp sees the Pre if I set it up as a USB drive, but that gives less control than MediaSync. Winamp does not see my Pre when I connect it in MediaSync mode.
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    I've updated and installed iTunes and have the latest WindowsMediaPlayer for XP. Neither of them seem to want to easily sync music to my Pre[1.2.1].
    What is everyone using?
    I am able to cut/past using explorer (with Pre set as USB drive), but it seems like there should be a way to organize things better.
    Is there any Palm syncing software? WMP recognizes that the Pre is there, but then keeps telling me to connect it and nothing I do will get me past that.
    iTunes opens when I connect my Pre, but doesn't seem to want to do anything else.

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