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    I read that people have changed the add invitations to my calendar to yes and that fixed the problems. This did not work for me as mine is set to yes.

    The problem

    My wife has a shared calendar that she has made changes in. The changes show up on my Google Calendar but do not sync to my Pre.
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    Anyone else having Holiday problems?? I've been using Google Calendar since June with my Pre. I subscribed (on my computer) to the US Holidays public Calendar. Thought it was fine until I looked ahead for Easter. Everything is off by one day!!! February events (on the Pre) are ok, but in March, April, etc the Holidays are all one day off! St Patrick's Day on the 16th instead of 17th, Easter on Saturday Apr 3, instead of Sun Apr 4! ***?! Everything looks fine on my PC in Google Calendar, but on the Pre, not so much.
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    I had the holiday off by one day issue weeks ago. And it's not just US holidays, it happened with any subscribed public calender. What I did was deleted the calender subscriptions on Google calender and re-added them and some more to test. But then I found that my Pre was still displaying my old cal subscriptions. Deleting and readding my Google account on the Pre calender was what fixed it in the end.
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