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    Anyone experiencing any issues with your yahoo email? I kept on getting login credential problems. I unistalled my yahoo mail and when i tried to add it back i got an invalid security token: 6 1236 0. Any suggestions? I already web os doctored my phone and still no dice.
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    Havin the xact same prob dude. ****ed! I tried removing and reinstalling, rebooting, partial erasing. Gmail is fine. It's just yahoo. ??
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    I'm having the same problem and sprint can't seem to help either.
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    I called Sprint. They said it's a known issue with Palm. I called Palm. Level 1 couldn't tell me ****e. I'm on the phone with a specialist as I write this. As far as they're concerned it's not a known issue. If this gets resolved I'll be sure to post it!
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    Me too .... hoping for a resolution... but doubt either Palm, Sprint, or Yahoo will effectively resolve this...only since upgrade to 1.2... Anybody with this problem in 1.1?
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    1.1 is NOT having this issue. It's a 1.2 thing. Level 2 at Palm set my acct up on 2 pres. One with 1.2 and the other with 1.1. Sure enough 1.1 was fine. I'm awaiting a call back from Level 3 at Palm. I won't hold my breathe!
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    Update, so after deleting Yahoo account from the Pre, unable to add "automatically", I manually entered all the POP settings as supplied on Yahoo's site. It only accepted the incoming mail, but not outgoing settings.

    As expected, I was able to sync incoming, but unable to send...
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    My Yahoo acct came back adding it the automatic way. Try it!
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    Mine is Yahoo via the RocketMail suffix and it won't add automatically.
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    Update. I just started getting the Login Credentials Rejected message on Yahoo again. Damn! Anyone else experiencing this?
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    I've been getting the login credentials error since the very beginning. It's not all the time but at least a few times a day I have to swipe it away. Before 1.2 it was a lot more frequent. So it's a bit better now.

    I google the issue about once a week and tend to see the latest people talking about it on here, palm forums, and other places. So far no resolution. It does sound like Palm is aware of it. Super frustrating though.
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    I am having the same problems. Never had the problem in 1.1. I tried every solution that I could find on the internet and still keeps coming back. I about ready to get rid of yahoo all together! I'm not sure Palm cares enough to even fix it. I'm sure it is a VERY low priority on their list.
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    I started having this issue this morning after it working fine all day yesterday on 1.2.1. I just got off a chat with Palm and they have no clue. They told me to call Yahoo support.

    Update: Just got off the phone with Palm for the second time and there Level 2 support and they did verify this as a known 1.2.1 issue and are having someone form Level 3 support conntact me concerning this issue. At this time I have no Yahoo email. Looks as though they fixed one and broke another.

    Update 2: After using Webos Doc my Yahoo still did not work. But then I re-entered my password about two hours later and it just magically started working. But then I wake up this morning and it the same thing all over again. Still have not heard from Palm.
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