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    A little annoyed with this!! before the upgrade, i was able to check my mail online from a pc and if I read the email or deleted the email, my pre would show me the same even of the alert showed differently.
    Alert comes in, I notice it is something I have been waiting for but a little long to be reading on my phone. go to gmail, read it, and move on. Now when i go back to my pre it shows the message as unread, it always changed it's state before the upgrade. Also On a pop acct I have, If i deleted the mail from the server on my pc or read it, it would remove itself from my pre. This is also no longer working. This is totally hosing the way i work and react to my alerts. I hit panic mode "how the $%^ did i miss 5 emails" oh wait i didnt these are from earlier.
    Anyone else noticing this or am I missing something. All my imaps are get as arrived and my pop is every 5 minutes per their settings.


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    I am not getting the same behavior with my gmail acct on 1.2. For example, i just got an alert on my phone. Since i was already browsing the net on my macbook, i opened the gmail website and used my laptop to delete the email. Now i check my phone a few minutes later and the alert has disappeared and the email is not showing in my phone's gmail inbox.

    what are you account settings on your phone?
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    I'm seeing the same behavior as OP. The Pre doesn't seem to automatically update a new email as being read. If I delete is as the second poster described, the Pre realizes it has been deleted and the notification disappears. It just doesn't realize that it has been read if I read it and don't delete it.
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    If you access the inbox directly on your phone, it'll update your inbox and remove those emails you've removed already so that your gmail account is in sync.... However, your phone will still alert you of those emails after the fact becuase it doesn't actively check for already read or deleted emails... (At least mine doesn't)
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    Yes, I see what you guys are talking about. That is annoying... sigh.
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    mine does not exhibit this behavior. I have it set to get email 'as it arrives' which I had to reset after the update. It had set itself back to the default 15mins upon update.
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    No access now on imap on GMAIL. Mail comes in, can click on it and read, however now the email does not show in my inbox, in fact I can not even open my inbox. Man this is bad.
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    Now, now syncing at all on my IMAP accounts. I had 15 emails between 2 accounts and none showed. I happen to be on my laptop and had to find an email so I logged into gmail.... wow i got messages, so I looked at my phone and no alerts... well ok, went into mail on my pre saw nothing so i went into the individual account and still nothing and it didn't even attempt to sync when i went in like it usually does. so I hit the manual and then got them after 3 more minutes.... i want 1.1 back waaaaaaaaa

    BTW this account was "get as arrived" the other was every 15 minutes
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    I've had the same problem after 1.2. Email inbox won't open. Tried a partial erase, but no dice.
    Still trying to find the cure!!

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