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    I currently have two gmail accounts "plugged in" to synergy on my Pre. One for personal, and one for work. The work one uses Google Apps.

    All is acceptable as far as syncing goes (I for one am not driven to insanity by the All Contacts/My Contacts thing with Gmail), but I've run across one hiccup. The inability to name my accounts.

    When you add an email account you can name it. Personal, work whatever. This option is not available when adding Contacts accounts. It's not really an issue until you go to edit a contact that has a presence in both your Personal and Work accounts. Both google accounts just show up with the "G" and the name Google.

    For example (assuming anyone else actually intentionally links to two Google accounts, and wants some contacts in both...)

    -Go to the contact card for the contact in both accounts
    -Tap on edit
    -Tap in the upper right hand corner to change which Google account
    -The resultant list doesn't clue you in to which account is which.

    This is also visible on the Preferences and Accounts screen for contacts.

    Anyone else notice this? Anyone else bothered by it?

    (quietly anticipating crickets...)
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    ::cricket:: ::cricket::

    sorry couldn't resist
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    I suppose I had that one coming...

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    I have the same setup and find it very annoying. Don't know of a solution but thought I would add my voice as well.

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