So, I've upgraded to 1.2, manually changed some tweaks successfully, and successfully applied the LED notification patches. However, it seems as if some other previous patches were included into my quilt prior to pushing it, so a few older patches automatically were applied. When I tried popping them, I had no success. It was my fault for not appropriately backing up my applications prior to working with them, and I have had quite a few backups from older versions of files that I need to get rid of anyway

To make a long story short, I now have blank launcher pages. So I'm preparing to run WebOSDoctor, and have backed up everything accessible via USB (photos, media, etc.), with everything else supposedly backed up via my exchange server and palm profile. What do I stand to lose? This is what I know I'll lose:

  • text messages
  • settings
  • number of launcher pages
  • homebrew apps

Is there anything else I'm missing? Thanks in advance.