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    Phone keeps telling me that my password for my Gmail calendar is incorrect. I have put in the correct address but it wont take.

    It fails immediately the first 3 times and then takes on the 4th. After about an hour it comes back an says that the password is incorrect.

    Any thoughts on this?
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    I'm having the same problem, except it didn't take the password at all. Tried deleting the account, restarting, battery out, etc. No dice.
    Oddly, the gmail account still exists and is working?!
    I'm desperate for my google calendar, since it is how I sync my work Outlook calendar.
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    That happened to me on one of my previous Pre's. From Gmail, to any website and at some point even Tweed. Apps were not able to read cookies.

    In my case only webOS Doctor helped.
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    I am having the same exact problem with no success in fixing it. Any new ideas?
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    Same thing happened to me for about 4 hours yesterday. It resolved itself, so I'm not sure what the cause was.
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    Same problem here. I get the re-enter password pop up at least once a day

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