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    Just got a Palm Pre, and trying to migrate everything (contacts, calendar, memos, etc.) from my Palm Desktop 4.2.2 on my mac to the Pre. Previously had a Treo 700p. Anyone had success with this? Nothing is working! My info that I want to migrate or sync is on the Palm Desktop software, not on the ical or google or anywhere else. Thus, Missing Sync and other programs do not help.

    Thanks in advance for any guidance you may be able to offer...
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    You have to do what I did: get missing sync- export from palm desktop as VCAL and VCARD- import those to addressbook and ical - then sync w/ missing sync.

    WHY you can't simply drop a vcal or vcard on to the 8GB in the pre and have the pre import that directly is because simply PAlm was far to arrogant to think any of us wouldn't want to use all this google /cloud trash they keep pushing as nirvana.
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    Another possible option, which would do you a TON of good in the long run if you can do it, would be to sync your palm desktop to google, and then add the google account to your Pre.

    It's probably no more work, and maybe less. Plus, you have the advantage of being able to access the data from anywhere.

    If you still have the device that you were using with Palm Desktop, there's an app floating around called goosync that will do the job without even having to export, or at least there was 2 years ago. It may be even easier now.
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    May have found a way. Still researching. How can I get Palm Desktop 4.2.2 for Mac? Hate giving out my credit card info so I can get it via Torrent. Palm's site does not offer that download. Anybody know?
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    Why use 4.2.2? I am pretty sure I'm using the latest.

    I've had poor luck with Missing Sync, and the Data Transfer Assistent that comes with the Pre isn't so good either. I eventually gave up, gave the info to Google, and now use Google Sync, using the Mac calendar/contact apps... Rather use my Palm.

    I do see that Classic on the Pre includes GooSync, so if you want to keep/use your old Palm data within Classic, you can either do GooSync or Classic HotSync via WiFi/Bluetooth with Missing Sync for Palm (not WebOS).

    Good luck. Let us know if any solution works for ALL the problems.
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    the easiest way is to sync your data with google or yahoo... the webOS is all about having your data in a "cloud", with the webOS pulling it from the cloud to your device...

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