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    Google recently added push email via ActiveSync. I added it to the Pre manually as an exchange account using their settings and now can see the email From/Subjects, calendar entries, etc using EAS (Pretty exciting at this point)

    However when I try to select an email for viewing I get the following error in the next scene "Download of the message body timed out. The system will rety soon."

    Is this a bug with EAS? Does anyone else have this working?
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    I get this exact same issue.... headers download fine but message body doesnt.
    I reverted back to IMAP for GMail...
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    It happens in WebOS 1.1 and continues in 1.2. Some have said that while it works on the iPhone, it is not configured for the Pre. It seems that this should not be the case but so far, no one has suggested a solution.

    Does anyone have Google EAS working on their Pre?

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