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    ok every single day yahoo mail on my palm pre jus stops working
    "login credentials rejected - tapto update your password"
    so i touch the message and it brings me to the "edit yahoo" screen
    imcoming mail server is
    username- full email address
    passwork- 73274324 lol (but u get the point)
    port#- 993

    outgoing mail server is
    use authentication - on
    port # - 465
    encryption - ssl

    ive done the resets in every way possible... ive even did the web doctor and still it continues...... help me plz
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    I'm getting this same thing. I have a feeling it is something to do with Yahoo's end of things more than it is a Pre issue... Not really sure but it sure is annoying.
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    its doin that my all my email accounts tho but only the yaho alert shows up
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    Yeah, Yahoo messenger has been behaving this way for about a month to 2 now too.

    Seems to be an all over yahoo issue...
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    Try deleteing the account and then recreate it. That is what I did and no issues since.
    If you feel that I have given you worthy advice please feel free to show your support. TY

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    I've had my Pre since 060709 - no probs' with Yahoo mail.
    The reason I write now... I looked at my config settings...
    For YAHOO, I have authentication OFF.... for outgoing.
    (Since GMAIL is my default for outgoing the OFF may not matter).

    The OFF vs. ON may have no significance for the problems you all are having but stranger things happen. If you have GMAIL you might "punt" (try that) and see what happens?

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