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    i synced all my contacts just fine, most of my friends photos showed up, some didnt but i hear thats normal. anyway, this doesnt ever update for me. all my contacts profile pictures, info, and names (some got changed, thats why i just now noticed) have remained the same since day 1. i hit sync a number of times but it doesnt update anything. what am i doing wrong?
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    Yeah that one of the bugs or synergy that had been discussed in numerous threads. One way to update your facebook contacts that seems to work (occasionally) is to manually delete your facebook profile and then re-add it again afterwards. Hope that helps...
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    Mine didn't work the first time I tried to sync but then I removed facebook syc altogether and added it back and all seems to be fine now. One person I cant get her picture to sync but that's the only one. I dunno why it doesn't like her. When you add someone it doesn't sync right away but by the next day it is uaually there.

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