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    I have all of my contacts in Outlook on my home pc. I uploaded them to Google contacts - which is my default on the Pre. If I make changes to Outlook contacts, they do not automatically update Google contacts. is there an automatic sync that can happen? I want them in Outlook as I use that as my email program at home.
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    In case you are using Google Apps you could upgrade to the premium version (USD 50,-/year) which offers a sync tool for outlook.
    Otherwise OggSync offers a commercial solution while describes a free product named 'GO Contact Sync'.

    I did not try either one since I don't use Outlook.

    Sorry for not including links -- guess a well-meant anti-spam policy forbids this with less than 5 posts... Personally I do not consider this a good decision... if necessary PM me for the missing links.
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    Another option would be to use companionlink

    Sync your desktop software with Google and your phone

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