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    I am syncing calendars on my Pre with both Google and my Kerio mail server (I know Kerio is not fully supported yet). However, I have the same exact problem with both sets of calendars. All of my "All Day" events sync over as 2 days. They show up as an all day event on the correct day and also as an all day event on the day prior.

    I can duplicate this problem 100% of the time on both Kerio based calendars and Google based calendars. On Google, it does not matter if the event is in my primary calendar or a subscribed calendar. For example, I have added the weather to my Google calendar. That calendar syncs to the Pre. Every forecast is on there twice, once for the correct day and once for the day before.

    I've removed all my accounts, reset the pre, erased the pre, re added everything and the problem continues. I suspect this is a time zone problem but I can seem to fix it. Both my pre, Kerio and Google are set for Mountain Time Zone so they should all be in sync. I'd write this off as a Kerio problem except that Google which is officially supported has the same issue.

    Anyone else seen this? Timed events work just fine - it's only with all day events.
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    I'm having the same issue. Is there a fix for this?

    Update. I removed the account that was doubling, then re-attached it. it then came up fine...
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