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    With my former Treo 750, I could set the time-out to be up to two hours before I had to re-enter my password. Our Network Security requires a strong password.

    Now with the Pre, as soon as it times out, I have to re-enter the password. I see no option in "Screen & Lock" under the Launcher to alter the period of time.

    Does anyone know how to change this time-out period?
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    The answer I got when I first asked the question is that you cannot. The PIN timeout and the screen timeout (lock) are one and the same. Basically whenever the screen turns off it locks. I do hope Palm is able to separate the two at some point in time. My company's policy is a 30 minute screen lock. Having to unlock the screen everytime it turns off is a hassle. I deal with it because I really like this phone and absolutely detest the Blackberry phones that are standard at my company.
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    It would be great if Palm at least came out and said they were going to address this in a future WebOS update. If they want to appeal to business users in large corporations, they will need to address this. The Treo was super with our corporate IT guys. They aren't too keen on the Pre.

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