Hi - I've only had my Pre a day and while there are alot of things I like some things are possibly dealbreakers - I have seen some info on some of these issues, but no fixes so would appreciate any info you all can add -

1 - Phone numbers imported from outlook have a different indicator for extensions than the pre, and won't dial - period. Has anyone come up with a way to fix this even on the outlook end and then re-import? I can't imagine manually editing every number one at a time. This is just absurd - isn't everyone having this problem? What about people doing ongoing exchange sync?

2 - Is it possible to have tasks with no reminder?

3 - Can one customize views to any serious degree - i.e. i only want to see tasks that are past due, due today, or due in the next 3 days. its called filtering but webos seems to have none of it - are there addons?

I am really fearful the answer to all of this is NO - if so, I may have to take this puppy back - which is a shame. But it also seems like a new webos release is imminent, alot of the 3rd part sync tools say they are ALMOST at better functionality - is there any concensus about when serious business users will be able to function with this device, or is the functionality there I am just missing it?