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    I'm trying to streamline my calendar. Right now I am syncing with my palm profile and with Google Calendar. Then my Google and Outlook sync.

    I was wondering what directions the pre syncs. Right now I see my google calendar and my palm profile events when I open the Calendar app. For the most part they mirror each other.

    Does my palm profile sync with my google calendar so that I can simply remove my google account from my pre? I hate duplicate events... even if they are in different colors.
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    My post was awkwardly worded... here is what I want to happen:

    I want to remove all accounts from my Calendar except for the palm profile account (which it seems I cannot remove), and have my Google Calendar update my palm profile, so that I only see one set of events on my Calendar app.

    Anybody know if that is how it works... or if I can make it work that way?
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    Actually, you need to do just the opposite to accomplish your final goal. You need to move all calendar events to you Google calendar and stop using the Palm Profile calendar.

    Google calendar does not/cannot sync with the Palm Profile. The PP is an "island." If you want you Pre to be in sync with your Google acct and have nothing else on the Pre, then you need to get off that island and stay off of it. Make sense?
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    Removing the Palm Profile account doesn't seem to be an option...

    All it lets me do is change the color the events appear in?
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    You don't need to remove the Palm Profile from your Pre. Just stop using it for new calendar events.

    Set your default calendar to your Google calendar in the Calendar preferences. Then, new events will default to using the Google calendar.
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    I gotcha!!!

    The issue is that I have multiple re-occurring events on the Palm Profile... so the simple answer is just delete the events off of my palm profile and sync with google!



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