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    I use groupwise at work and want to sync through google calendar. I am able to delegate appointments to my gmail, and they are showing up on google calendar, but they all have start times 7 hours earlier then the appointment. Any ideas on how to fix this?
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    I use CompanionLink for Google for now to sync my Groupwise calendar to a google calendar. Works great. Novell should be releasing an EAS solution for Groupwise in the next few months, hopefully.
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    I use Companionlink too and it is ok. But to fix your calendar issue you need to look at your timezone settings. Groupwise is probably right but it doesn't hurt to check. Then there are two in goole. The master under calendar settings. Then there is a second under the individual calendars. Why two settings I'm not sure. I guess if one is for a differwnt timezone but they should all default to the global timezone setting - but the didn't for me.

    That might fix it.

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