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    I have had my pre connected to my OWA for a month now with now problems. Just about an hour ago a notice came up saying "need to update credentials". Which I am at work on Outlook and I know it isn't expired.....but I put in my password and the notice would keep coming up. So I just changed my password within outlook at work, then tried again. same thing. I can go on the web browser to the OWA and login fine there. after I checked that I kept getting the "too many cards open" error when nothing was even open, so I rebooted the phone. still couldn't get in so I delted the outlook profile on the pre. When rebuilding it, I keep getting the "invalid username/password" I KNOW it is not invalid and checked all the other options as being correct. nothing was changed on my works Outlook today. What's going on?
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    If your login is case sensitive, the Pre will capitolize the first letter so check for that first. You might also go through the web browser in the Pre to see if it attaches there as well.
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    Still getting the bad username/password when trying to setup my exchange email account on the pre...... But I am in with the same credentials sitting at work. This sucks.
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    did your admin change some EAS settings?
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    I don't believe so

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