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    I just read that the recent iPhone patch broke iPhone and iPhone 3G syncing with Exchange for users who needed to be encrypted. Only the 3GS version of the iPhone has hardware encryption.

    My shop requires that mobile devices encrypt corporate data. Our RIM BBs do that. I'd like to connect a Pre.

    Does anyone know if it can encrypt the email and calendar data AT REST? Note I'm not talking about SSL encryption over the air (though I need to do that too) but rather that the data on the device is password protected and encrypted?

    Also, can the IT group do a remote wipe of a Pre?

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    Its a misunderstanding to say 3.1 'broke' EAS on the iPhone. It actually fixed a security loophole. If the Exchange admin sets a policy that only devices that support device encryption (At Rest if you like) are allowed to sync with the server, the iPhone 3.1 update now correctly applies that policy. Which means only the 3GS will be allowed to sync if that policy is applied on the Exchange (as its the only iPhone that has device encryption).

    The Pre doesn't have device encryption and ignores that policy, so the loophole remains on the Palm. Good news if you're the end user and just want it to work. Very bad news if you're the Exchange admin and responsible for implementing security.

    Yes, an Exchange admin can do a remote wipe on the Pre.

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