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    What gives? I use the link from my bookmarks that came with the Pre!

    "Christopher Cruze Today's clean crisp air, grey skies, and strong black coffee give me nostalgic thoughts of Portland.
    12 hours ago via Facebook for iPhone Comment Like"
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    Ouch! You could switch to, though you'll want to visit first and rotate to landscape and back, which will make look right.
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    do you have the iphone spoof tweek?
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    Quote Originally Posted by RanGT View Post
    do you have the iphone spoof tweek?
    nope and its never done this before that I've noticed.
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    The domain is the iphone version of the website. Since the Pre's screen is the same resolution as the iphone, and the web browsers are both WebKit-based, it works the same way.
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    It just started doing this! Previously, it would say I was from 'mobile', now it says iPhone. :/
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    I personally like the new better. Looks great on the Pre.
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    Its because you mentioned Portland. And has a very large population of iPhone using hippies.
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    Speaking of facebook when you log on to it are all your friends automatically sycned with the pre?
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    ya mine says iphone now too...prolly a facebook thing...oh well...just put facebook for pre after every post! haha...

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