I have an entry for my girlfriend in the Palm Profile, Google, and AIM. Synergy merges these entries into one contact entry on my Pre. In her contact entry I have her IM settings for AIM and Gtalk.

In the messaging client there are TWO entries for her under AOL, and ONE entry for her under Buddies which is Gtalk. First of all, she only has 2 IM addresses so why is she showing up 3 times.

Also, the picture she uses at GTalk is different than AOL yet all 3 entries for her in my Messaging app are the same (and the caption she uses under her name is different but messaging only shows one of them for all 3 entries).

The problem here is that our conversations do not stay under one entry. Depending on which buddy I click on, the conversation starts a new thread.

On a related note, some of my Gtalk buddies show up under a heading "Buddies" and others show up under "Friends." I've never created a "Friends" group in Gtalk.