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    Now why is my phone searching google in chinese? i did not click on anything different and 15mins ago it was working just fine in normal american english. but now its in chinese. and its from synergy (universal search) just typing away and hitting enter on the phone.
    Has anyone had this happen? anyone no what it can be or how i can stop it from doing it?
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    i have click on google in english at the bottom of the search but it still reverts back to chinese when i do a synergy search
    this is driving me crazy! im not Chinese, damn-it!
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    Google attempts to use your IP address for language and local settings. Unfortunately Google sometimes has the IP ranges incorrectly in their system. I sometimes get Spanish for no apparent reason.

    Also don't bump after 20 minutes lol
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    Yeah, not a palm thing at all. This happens. Get a new IP address, and it'll likely work right.
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    Japanese not Chinese. And my first few weeks it kept giving me Google in French, once in German. If you can figure out where the preferences is you can fix it.
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    I dont no why it would change, im on the sprint network with wifi off, so it should be the same. a soft reset fixed it. but there has to be more too it then just IP. dont no, hope it doesnt happen again

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