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    My Pre is synced to my Outlook account at work through our Exchange Server (2003, SP2). It had worked perfectly with e-mail, contacts, and calendar since we first bought our Pre. Then, on Monday, it stopped. No e-mails come through or go out. Our calendar says "You do not have calendars enabled for this account", and the contacts show that "0" contacts are synced.

    I've tried removing the Exchange account and reinstalling it, but to no avail. It just won't work. Funny thing is, both Google and Facebook appear to be syncing fine.

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    happened to me too after i changed the settings for amount of days to sync. i fixed it by doing a partial erase.
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    Happened to me only to find out my company disabled ActiveSync for smartphones until the mysterious "they" evaluate it and determine it is not a security risk.

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