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    why are we still caring about itunes?
    I know what you mean and I thought the same thing initially. I only sync'd my music twice with itunes. But while doing that I noticed that you can also sync movies and photos which I didnt know before. There is also an option to sync contacts and calendar with ical & address book (mac os). The process begins and nothing happens. If palm is able to allow this function on the next update that would be a gamechanger for a lot people. Can't beat a free sync solution.

    I noticed after syncing and putting my pre in usb drive the calendar folder (and file) and contact (vcard group) is viewable.
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    oh i didn't know that....okay it would be awesome to sync contacts because mine need some tidying, ical would be cool too.

    alright i think im sold. ahah
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    While I don't mind the iTunes syncing, it's not a deal breaker for me. I have an iPod that I use for my music, and it hooks into the head unit of my stereo. I have an older version of iTunes on my laptop, and if I want to sync it to my pre, I'll just use that. I don't really care about a bunch of back and forth "We fixed it" "We broke it" updates between Apple and Palm, unless it means I have to continuously update my software every time I log on.
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