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    If i open the web version of gmail and compose a new message, and then attempt to click the "attach" button to attach a file located on my pre, it doesn't do anything - the button just flashes.

    mind you, the other buttons seem to all behave normally - i.e. - Discard, Save Now.

    Is this an issue with gmail or the Pre browser?

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    Why not just add the gmail account to your Pre's email app? You can attach pics from there. Gmail is probably thinking you are on a computer but since the pre's file system is different, it can't pull them up.
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    Yeah, I'm not surprised that this doesn't work. The Pre's web browser has limitations and the local file system is pretty heavily protected/restricted too. You have to use the Pre's email app to attach files.
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    Locally gmail works - but the reason for doing it from the browser is there are many websites which have the attach function - the Pre Browser should support upload functionality via HTTP or FTP, etc like the desktop versions.. unsure if this is a client or server side functionality issue

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