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    I had my Pre replaced for signal problems (calls going straight to my voicemail)..

    ANyway, I was able to sync to my Palm Profile without problems the first time. Of course i continued to backup my data automatically. But when i had to transfer back my profile again after a r eset, it lost almost all my PIMS. Memos gone, Tasks had only 2 items, Contacts were 5, and ZERO calendar items.

    IS anyone experiencing trouble with Palm Profile syncing for replacement phones?
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    I am having this same problem. I got a replacement PRE yesterday and it did not transfer any of my 380 contacts, my calendar, my taks, my memos, or anything else.

    The only thing it did transfer from the old phone to the new phone was 4 applications?

    I talked to sprint for 45 minutes and they couldn't help me. Im on the phone with PALM right now. Does anyone have any help or updates?
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    One thing i did while i wait for Palm's call back is to create a new profile... so the old profile wont be erased when the automatic backup occurs.

    I suggest you do that ASAP. Just in case Palm can still recover your old Palm Profile.

    I am syncing to google and outlook right now while i wait.
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    If i was going to do that, i would have had to do it immediately i guess. I am assuming my phone backed up automatically on Tuesday when I left sprint. That means it backed up an empty phone and deleted what might have been left on the phone before?

    That's great! Im still holding a blank Palm PRE with no information on it and waiting for a call back. I just wish they would say they can or can't do anything for me. If they can't ill just have to start the old manual process all over again and just assume the loss on the tasks and calendar.
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    let me know when they call you back because i am waiting for a response as well.
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    I got called by level 3 tech support today! (after a month of waiting)

    They said sorry but they really have lost all my data form that Palm Profile.

    I sounded really upset to them. And as a consolation, they offered to send me a Touchstone for free!

    Now i dont feel so sad.

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