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    Scheduling the synchronization of email for push or 15 minutes isn't a problem, but WM devices had an option when using Activesync to setup on/off peak schedules. This allowed you to configure Activesync to run from 7am to 8pm weekdays and a different schedule for weekends. The biggest advantage to this was that I could tell Activesync to shutdown after a particular time and I wouldn't get emails on my phone at 3am when it's on the night stand.

    I've searched some threads and did some other digging, but don't see this as an option on the Pre. I know that I can go into my email account settings and turn the vibrate and sound notification off, but that is a task I would need to perform every night and morning.

    Any ideas?
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    I have been looking for the same thing unsuccessfully. Not only to avoid getting email after work hours, but to extend battery life by avoiding unnecessary syncing of work email. I would like to be able to set a schedule for each source (Exchange, Google, etc) with the option to follow a global sync schedule instead. I do not like having to switch between and automatic and manual sync on a daily basis.

    Anyone working on a homebrew app for this?
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    bump...any progress on this? Any alternatives?
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    Palm needs to get on the ball with this. There's absolutely NO reason why the Centro, Treo, and other previous palm devices had this feature, and WebOS doesn't. All other smartphones have the capability to set peak schedule times, why doesn't the Pre / Pixi??? PLEASE FIX!!!
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    You can use the app Mode Switcher to handle this, it's free to download and use.
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