View Poll Results: Would you like your Pre to sync with Zune Software?

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  • I'd kill for my Pre to sync with the Zune Player!

    79 79.00%
  • No Thanks, I'll keep dealing with the itunes war.

    1 1.00%
  • No Thanks, I'm content with Double Twist.

    1 1.00%
  • I Could Care Less!

    19 19.00%
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    ive got an 80gb zune and love it....but i dont care that my pre doesnt work with the zune software

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    To the op: you should add another option.

    ITunes sux so any other option especially zune would Rock
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    pretty sweet.. have to admitt.. i liek it better the the touch.. even though it has less apps
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    Whos going to write the APP to get this to work!?!? this would be awesome!
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