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    Does anyone know how to sync Windows Live Calendar with Google Calendar? Does anyone know if Palm plans on supporting Windows Live Calendar sync directly within the pre?

    Thanks in advance for any assistance.
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    I don't know a solution, but I'd like to see Windows Live integration into Synergy. I am talking about Contacts, Calendar, Mail (accessible via POP3), Messenger...
    Could somebody come up with a homebrew solution? That would be sweet!
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    SOLUTION (sort of):
    -go to you Windows Live Calendar and go to the "share" tab
    -select a calendar
    -get the url for the .ics from your public calendar without applying the changes, or your calendar can be seen by everyone!
    -open a new tab and paste the url , change "webcal" to "http"
    -download the .ics file to your computer
    -open up google calendar
    -import the .ics file to an existing calendar.
    -VOILA, your Live Calendar appointments are on Google calendar (unfortunatelly they don't update)
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