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    You can use DoubleTwist which is essentially exactly same layout as iTunes also it will read the info from iTunes and make it syncable to whatever phone you use.
    What is the % of people who own an iPhone or iPod and know what DoubleTwist is or would take the effort to try it? Whatever extremely high number that is translates to the % of people who would not jump ship to the Pre without iTunes.
    ROOTING for WebOS makes me more sympathetic to Cubs fans.
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    yeh so HOW did itunes break the sync this time?
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    Well Apple pulled another way to block users from keeping an old Itunes version and not upgrading. I tried to redeem a song that I got from a Sta*bucks and I cam getting a message that this song can only be redeemed by upgrading to 9.0. What a load....Good thing I have 4 PCs at my disposable, I will use one with the latest and the one I sync my Pre with at my old working version....When will this madness end, what a joke....Good thing I have all the CDs that I ripped with Itunes and can re-rip using a non Apple solution when I have the time. Looks like I will use Am*zon MP3 for all future purchases.

    Here is the image from Itunes I am getting:
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