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    Uh can this facebook app use push notifcations through the background? If not then its a lost cause
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    Quote Originally Posted by gage006 View Post
    There's a quote from Adobe that it's coming in October, where have you been?
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    Engadget has a hands-on where the Palm techie says facebook will be released when the Pixie ships. During the hands-on he explains that the profile view isn't even ready yet. Even if they did release it now it would have 0 usefulness.
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    One thing we can gather is that the ''Accordian/folding'' is brought from calendar. But not sure why.
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    At least they showed that they are working on something, so that's something to appease the facebook masses whereas before it was just a lack of any info
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    Quote Originally Posted by GoTitans View Post
    Bah. Delaying things because of bugs in an OS are one thing, but bugs in a highly anticipated app is another. I'm not saying they should rush it out, but I wouldn't mind a beta program because even with bugs it would still probably be better than the site versions (for some people).
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    I'm impressed at Palm's quick work on updates and a facebook app. Consider Android which has the backing of Google...they are recently (today?) getting an official facebook app.
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