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    When I got my Pre a couple months ago, one of the minor irritations that I noticed was that my Google email and calendar accounts would occasionally pop up with mysterious authentication error messages. This minor irritation eventually escalated into major as upgrades and time failed to fix it, nor was it a predictable pattern, and my searchings in Google and the forums were not able to find a definite solution.

    To make a longer story short, the problem was that my password was too wimpy, and so Google, identifying my account as a security risk, kept sending me a CAPTCHA on login (even after I tried to unlock it), which syncing accounts will not be able to catch. I changed my password to one it considered "strong," resynced everything, and have had no more problems.

    I'm annoyed with Google for making this problem such a challenge for me to debug, as I couldn't find it in any of their FAQs or documentation, but I hope that by reporting my experience, someone else will find this information useful.
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