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    well if you import it you get no place to edit under details. But if you add it manually or hit copy to calender they appear. so the details screen looks different. by look different i meant they were at the top of the screen since i guess as you said it's an all day event. I think one thing i'm noticing is if you look in the left column of the google calenders page, it list "my calenders" and then if you import sports calenders they are added below as "other calenders". Now i think the issue is the pre is only reading entries associated with the "my calenders" calender. But when you import calenders into your gmail account each calender is listed seperately so i think the Pre isn't reading all the calenders entries listed with a given gmail calender account. I think holidays are added to the "my calenders" section and that's why they are showing up when pre syncs. wait that doesn't make sense cause U.S. holidays appear as a seperate calender too. now i'm confused.

    well after all this my phone has been gone down to 39 percent battery life in like an hour of use. i'm just sick of this calender crap. screw it. i can't waste my time with this but they need to sort it out. the calenders are in my google account so they should show up. end of story. i shouldn't have to do anything else more then add the account and password.
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    I feel for Nick1472, the guy that developed the Sports Calendar app, because he's done some awesome work in making that more functional and adding a ton more teams/leagues to it. And I'm sticking with it because he's smart enough to know that racing is a sport, so it has NASCAR, F1 and IndyCar as options. Thanks Nick1472!
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    it's find but i'd like to have more the sports calenders. plus i watch mostly soccer and there are a lot of competitions and leagues on the google calenders and user made calenders that are not on the sports calender ap, like the world cup qualifier schedule for every country or champions league and cup schedules. So even though it's nice i'd like to be able to use google as well.
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