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    Is there a way to import a bunch of contacts into the Pre? I don't want to synchronize contacts with Outlook or Google or anything else. I have a spreadsheet with a few dozen names and addresses that I need to get into my Pre, but don't need or want anywhere else. Is this possible without manually entering all the data into the Pre?

    All the synchronization threads I'm reading seem to require some hunk of software and some other system.
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    The palm Data Transfer Assistant provides a one-time, one-way transfer of Calendar, Contacts, Tasks, and memos from your computer to your Palm phone. Simply go to the link below, and follow Palm's instructions. : Move your info onto your phone with the Data Transfer Assistant
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    Yes, I saw that but it imports everything from Outlook. I don't want everything from Outlook and do want to import a few dozen names and addresses, etc., from an Excel spreadsheet.
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    1st of all Palm needs to change this! Why would we want Google to have access to all of our contact names and phone numbers or why should we buy Outlook?????

    I exported a csv from my old Nokia

    Download the Palm Desktop and install it
    Palm Support : Palm Desktop 6.2 and HotSync Manager (Windows)

    Format the data in the CSV to have the same column headers as the Palm desktop csv import utility. Note that the Desktop display things like names and addresses concatenated but they are actually separate data fields = separate columns.

    Import the csv file into Palm desktop. I got a bunch of extra blank records that needed to be deleted and the mobile number showed up in the Main field. There were also a bunch of " so I exported a CSV out of the desktop manager, removed the " by search and replace, and then re-imported it.

    Download the Data Transfer Assistant and install it : Data Transfer Assistant (Windows)

    Once you have a clean set of contacts in the desktop use the DTA to transfer the contact info into the PRE.

    Yeah it was alot of work and it sucks.
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