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    Any chance that palm can create a feature that you can edit or select which contacts you want to sync from Facebook or other (gmail, exchange, etc)?
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    I was all about this feature until I just went ahead and synced it up and wouldn't ya know...I don't mind having 700 contacts in my phone at all...its actually kinda nice. Linking profiles was a pain in the a$$ though.
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    i have yet to sync to facebook for this very reason. until i can control the contacts i will not be synching up with it
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    Who uses the contact app anyways? I have 400 contacts from facebook, and never see them because I use universal search to find someone.
    My pre is like caffeine. If I don't have it in the morning I think something is wrong with me, and I need it all throughout the day to make it
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    set up outlook 2007 on your computer. Then download a program called "fonebook" this program syncs ONLY contacts in your outlook w/ your facebook pictures/birthdays/etc whatever you select.

    The data collected on your computer's outlook will then sync with your exchange server, and that in turn will be sent to your pre.

    Cheers, Mike
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    I found a way to sync Facebook PICTURES and your Google Contacts, which will sync to your Pre. You can download this tool at this site. This is the best solution I've found if you don't want 500 people from Facebook on your phone.

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