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    Google recently added the ability to add new calendars to your existing Gmail account for things like Sport teams (it'll list the days they play and the times).

    Now I already had an additional calendar for birthdays and that, as well as syncing with the base Google calendar, has always worked. Now that these sports calendars were added, I added a calendar for my favorite NHL and NFL teams. Unfortunately neither of these calendars will sync to my Pre. I've even deleted and re-added my Gmail account but no good. It's only doing my two calendars I had before.

    Suggestions? Anyone else had this?
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    I noticed the same problem the other day. This seems to only be an issue with the new Google sports calendars. I was able to add a non-sports calendar with no problem, the sports one is a no-go. Thanks for posting that removing/adding your Google account didn't help because I was about to try that too.
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    Same problem here. Why won't those sports calendar sync?!
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    The "other" calendars are your calendars in your account. The Sports calendars are public calendars that you are viewing in your account (you can't change them, just copy them to your calendar).
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    This worked for me for a day or 2 when it first came out. Then it was gone from my pre. Haven't got it to work since.

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