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    It's worked since I bought the phone on day one and now all of a sudden, a couple appointments I added this week to the phone simply aren't showing up in gmail's calendar and therefore, never making it back down to outlook with gSyncit.

    I havn't changed anything, I've rebooted the phone, I've said sync now and nothing.

    Traditionally, I put appointments in outlook, but lately I have been entering stuff in my phone as I am out and about - so the fact it's never making it up to the cloud is really ticking me off.

    Anyone have any ideas?
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    BTW, just tested it - no problem creating an appt on gmail and it coming down to the pre - just not working the other way around.
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    Similar problem, just started today...have had my pre for a little while now, and everything has been working fact the other day I took a pic of a friend, associated with his contact info and literally within seconds it was on I tried doing the same thing, but it didn't work. I then tried a (several) forced sync, that didn't work either. Google is set up for my default calendar and contacts. I did do a change on google, that showed up on my pre, but all of a sudden the changes from my pre aren't showing up on google...others having this problem too?
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    also, just checked...adding a new contact on my pre does NOT add it into my gmail contacts anymore...this is quite annoying, hopefully only a temporary problem
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    ironically, my calendar seems to be working just fine both ways
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    Maybe it has something to do with the Sprint network, because I am on Bell and just added a contact both ways to see what would happen, and it accepted them both ways.

    I hope that helps?
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    I tried on my wife's phone, hers works perfectly...can't figured out what's going on...any help would be greatly appreciated
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    found the problem...when tried adding pic to a contact, it wouldn't work...after that no contacts would update...deleted gmail profile, added pic through gmail (not phone), then everything started a problem i had with a previous uploader with non-smart phones, the file doesn't get uploaded, then it gets stuck trying to upload a file of the same screws up everything, anyway, i think that's the problem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by kkumar99 View Post
    ironically, my calendar seems to be working just fine both ways
    Same here. I can sync fine (both ways) between Outlook, Google and Pre. If I post an event in Pre, it will show in Outlook and online into Google calendar. I use the Google Calendar Sync freeware on my PC.
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    I have been having the same problem as levelbest using gSyncit. I have been using gSyncit since I got my Pre in mid-June. Everything had been syncing great, but in the the past couple weeks I have noticed that if I change an appointment on the Pre, it deletes the appointment from gmail's calendar and then when gSyncit syncs it deletes the appointment from Outlook. Changes on Outlook and gmail calendar seem to end up fine on the Pre, but changes on the Pre delete the related appoint on gmail & Outlook. I am hoping there is an update soon and I will say that the developer has been amazingly responsive to my emails...the developer himself, Dave, gets right back to you and he is constantly working to improve the product so this may only be temporary. Maybe the WebOS update for the Pre will help (just hope that webOS update comes soon!).
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    I've been noticing a problem with events created on the Pre and then changed.

    When originally created on the Pre, no problem, they show up on the Google Calendar just fine..

    When I change the time, for example, they update on the Pre, but disappear from Google Calendar (Very Problematic).

    There is no problem with items created and changed on Google Calendar interfacing with the Pre.
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    I have similar sync problems with Google calendar events. In particular, if I modify an all day event, changing it into an event with time, then it never gets updated on Google. It does not update from Google to Palm when I make the change in that direction either. I have to delete the old event and make an entirely new event in order for the change to be synced.

    One work around I have discovered that works sometimes is to change the event to a Palm Profile event, then switch it back to a Google event, and the update will then be registered with Google.

    The calendar sync is very glitchy.
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    I still want to use gSyncit and this new method seems to work well...this was mentioned previously in a similar fashion somewhere else on the web (or maybe on this site) but he did not explain how to do it. I have given up on using the Pre Calendar as an "active calendar" (but will try it again after WebOS update). I am now just using the Pre Calendar to look at my appointments and tasks but not to make changes. I now make my changes on my Google calendar on my Pre and it all syncs well with Google and also well from Google to Outlook and Outlook to Google…and I can still sync contacts the same…I did not make any changes to the gSyncit contact syncing with Google, Outlook, and the Pre. There seems to be a problem syncing the Pre calendar with Google in the past couple weeks (at least for me). I dragged my Pre calendar from the quick launch area into the launcher area (so now there were only 4 items in quick launch). Then I created a Web Page for Google Calendar (just go to the web on your Pre and go to your Google calendar) and then dragged that Web Page that I created into my quick launch area. Now when I make changes I do it on the Google calendar from quick launch and I can still use the Pre calendar to see all of my calendars but if I have to make changes to my calendar I do them on the Google calendar or at home on Outlook. I spent hours trying different software methods. I did not try CompanionLink since I had already purchase gSyncit but I did a trial of PocketMirror and it worked great…just no syncing to Google calendar). I think that until WebOS is updated these problems will continue since I believe it is a problem between the Pre calendar and Google calendar. With this method (at least so far), I can still use my gSyncit to sync Outlook and Google and have calendar and contacts sync to the Pre!
    Below is from pages 240-241 of the Palm Pre (Sprint) User Guide (PalmPre_UG_Sprint_p100eww.pdf).

    Add a Web Page to the Launcher
    Add any Web pages you visit frequently to the Launcher so you can access them in a few
    1. Open page you want to add to the Launcher.
    2. Open the application menu, tap Page, and tap Add to Launcher.
    3. Enter any of the following:
    Icon: Tap the currently displayed page icon thumbnail. (Then tap, hold, and drag the
    Web page to use a different portion of the page as the Launcher icon. You can zoom
    into or out of the page while selecting the portion you want to use. The portion that
    appears in the white square is used as the icon. Tap Done.)
    Title: See “Text Selection Gestures” on page 49 for useful gestures if you want to edit the
    page title.
    URL: Enter or edit the URL for the page, for example, change the URL to the home page
    of a site instead of a drill-down page within the site.
    4. Tap Add To Launcher.
    The page now appears as an icon on the Launcher. Tap the icon to open the page.
    Good Luck!
    FYI info on problems with Pre and Google sync: Google Sync working for iphone, WM...what changes for Pre???? - Palm Pre and Palm Pixi Forums
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    pistos...your method of changing the Google event to Palm and then back to Google is what I have been using (thanks!) when I forget to NOT use the Palm Calendar for changes...otherwise, I just try to only use the Google calendar for changes (or Outlook at home) and everything is syncing fine.

    UPDATE: I tried CompanionLink and I was having the same problems as on gSyncit so I am using my approach (sorry it is long-winded but it works!) detailed above.

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