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    A few days ago my Exchange email sync stopped working. I changed the Get Mail from "As Items Arrive" to "5 Minutes" but that didn't correct the problem. If I open the Mail app and select the Exchange InBox the mail is retrieved. It's just not happening automatically. BTW my Gmail account is working fine. Anybody else having this problem?

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    Yes, This morning when I was reading my exchange email and tried to send something out, I got an error that said something about not recognizing my password. I later found out the server had been down for maintenance. Since that time I cannot sync with the server. I cannot even sync manually or send mail through that account. Sent mail just sits in the outbox. My AOL mail syncs just fine.
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    Really weird - had a problem with it tonight. All of a sudden the inbox had no messages. Then noticed that the option in the preferences for "all inbox" was set to 'off' for no reason (hadn't reset the unit, etc).

    Something strange going on with Exchange I agree.

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