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Ok, so I finally went and manually compared the 2 lists to figure out which contacts were missing from my google contacts account. After I found the missing contacts, there didn't seem to be any logic, or similarities, they certainly weren't all added on the same day... nothing that made any sense. So, since it was only a matter of a dozen or so contacts, I manually added them to google. Then when I synced, they were synced to my Pre but yet, they were NOT linked with the exact same contact that was already on my Pre in the first place. Very weird, right? So, once I deleted the original contact from my Pre, I now have my contacts synced. Well, almost, my Pre has 223 and my google contacts only says 221 and I can't for the life of me find the missing 2. Minor detail, maybe I should count the lists manually. I suppose it is possible that a computer doesn't know how to count

Could it be your remaining 2 contacts sync'd to your Palm acount. I have 2 on my Palm account:
Sprint Account Information
Sprint Customer Care

I have had some trouble with this over time and have migrated all my contacts to google (from outlook). I have had no problems on syncing from multiple gmail accounts but there is a bit of pain tracking them all down and accounting for them.