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    I am adding this to the tips section as I have heard a number of people complain about the gmail address/contact pollution that can occur. A friend came up with a solution when he migrated his girlfriend to a pre. I have adopted and modified it to be a standalone solution.

    I use gmail for both email and for contacts. For email, everything is just dandy. For contacts, things get messy. Gmail scavenges email addresses and adds them to your address book automatically. A friend of mine came up with a method, using an alternative gmail account, of maintaining a more reasonable contacts database while using your primary gmail account for email.

    Keep your Pre contacts and your gmail contacts Seperate

    I have used a similar method, using just the pre and a computer to access your gmail accounts, of having two gmail accounts, one for purely for contacts and one purely for email.

    1. Start with your 'normal' gmail account (this will be your gmail/email account).
    2. While in the Contacts app, sync the account and your pre. You will have all those duplicates and extra email addresses.
    3. Make a new gmail/contacts account (like on your compute.
    4. Export your contacts from your old gmail/email account and then import them into your new gmail/contacts account while on your computer
    5. edit the contacts in your new gmail/contacts account to only include the ones you want to see on your pre
    4. In the Contacts app, remove the old gmail/email account and add your new, cleaned up gmail/contacts account (
    5. Now you can use your new, stealth gmail account just to store your contacts info

    The pre doesn't care that you have different gmail accounts for your contacts and your email.
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    I actually figured out a solution this morning after trying to help a friend. It allows you to use the same email address for mail and just the cleaned up "My Contacts" from Gmail.

    - Setup up Gmail normally in Messaging. It'll add Gmail as the Contact source also
    - Go into Contacts and remove the Gmail contact source (this only removes it from Contacts, not from messaging).
    - Add a new account to Contacts (menu > preferences & accounts > add account)
    - Add an Exchange account (Gmail has an Exchange protocol open for iPhones)
    - Since the Pre will show an error if you try to use the same email address, add a "." somewhere in the address. Gmail ignores periods in email addresses but it will fool the Pre into thinking it's a 2nd email address
    - Use "Exchange (EAS)" for the mail type
    - Use your email address with a "." in it (ex. "" rather than "")
    - Use "" for incoming mail server
    - Leave domain blank
    - Use your normal user name without the periods (ex. "user")
    - Hit "Sign In"


    The iPhone Exchange protocol uses "My Contacts" rather than "All Contacts" so you'll only see the ones you want.

    Hope this helps!
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    nice ... trying it now

    update: that added an extra email account to the email section. Didn't want that so I went back to my method... it does work though
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    Too late probably? I paired the Pre with my gmail and I have now hundreds of useless contacts, can I go back to how it was?
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    Ditto --how to clean out the old mess from the initial gmail sync?
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    in the end i did it, it's a lot easier than i thought, i don't have my mobile with me now but browsing through the phone i found a screen where you just have to delete the contacts from the profile gmail, and you'll have only your original contacts back
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    On kind of a side note here, is there an easy way to switch contacts from Palm profile to Google?
    I now have Google set as the default account but all the previous contacts are set to Palm and only a handful had the option to switch 'set as primary profile' from Palm to Google. Am I really stuck deleting them all and starting over?
    I don't like being bound to Palm in this sense. If and when I switch phones I want control of my info. (although Palm does a good job of backing things up in my experience)
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    Hopefully palm will just fix the problem and have it sync with the My Contacts folder, rather than *everything*. Oddly enough, Android behaves the same way, but Exchange uses the My Contacts folder. I don't understand the inconsistency.

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