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    Now this is not the first time I have ever had to sync contacts, but for some reason I cannot seem to get it done.

    When the girl at the Sprint store set up my phone she copied all my contacts off my old phone and onto my palm, no problem. However now I cannot pull those contacts off my phone and put into something else.

    Palm says;
    If you want to get contacts from an online account on your phone immediately—or upload contacts from your phone to the online account—you can do a manual sync. This synchronizes Contacts with all the accounts you have set up on your phone, and it synchronizes your calendar and email with those accounts also.

    *Open Contacts
    *Open the application menu and tap Preferences & Accounts.
    *Tap Sync Now.

    I have 4 accounts. Palm Profile, Facebook, Gmail, WHERE(uLocate). So the palm profile just seems to take me to a place to manage my account info. Don't want to sync with Facebook. I don't know what WHERE is. So I try Gmail.

    That clearly works if I want to pull contacts FROM my gmail. Those are now in my phone. However, it’s not putting the contracts on my phone IN my gmail. WTF I thought this worked for “or upload contacts from your phone to the online account.”

    I just want a sync from my phone to something else. I don’t want to test 50 solutions till I get one working this should not be a difficult task. Will this Outlook Captura work? I have set up Outlook via IMAP to gmail, but we don’t have an Exchange server.

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    Question: So it's not synching with Gmail FROM your phone, correct? It does work in one direction (Gmail -> Pre) but not the other direction (Pre -> Gmail), is that correct?
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    Ya, down from gmail to the phone, but not back up. I assume that's not how it's supposed to work. It's a two way sync right?

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