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    I was laid off today from my job, and all of my contacts were synced via exchange into my pre. I did not have a backup of this account on my machine at home, so now I am stuck with losing all of my contacts. Is there a way to transfer all of the accounts from exchnage on my pre into outlook or palm desktop?

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    Do you still have access to your work Outlook at all? If you do, the easiest thing to do would be to export a csv file, then import that into gmail or another exchange account. If not, you might try the Echo program from Chapura that has a 7-day trial in the App Catalog.
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    no access at all.

    tried echo, but it only syncs with whats in outlook or desktop manager, its not pulling off of the contacts.
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    Hopefully I am understanding you correctly. You have the contacts on your Pre and want to transfer them somewhere else to back them up. I would check out the following link: PalmDatabase.db3 File - WebOS Internals

    Basically you should be able to create a .csv that you can import to google. Ultimately you might have all of your contacts instead of just the ones from exchange but at least you will have your contacts. If you have issues I would try and contact one of the people that created that page. Hope this helps and good luck.

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