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    I have pretty basic work e-mail service using POP3 servers. I have my Pre configured to leave e-mails on the server so they can all be downloaded to my office desktop.

    I just noticed that when I have read an e-mail on my Pre but choose to save it by just leaving it in my inbox, the e-mail automatically disappears (as in not even in the trash folder) once the e-mail is downloaded on my desktop (and thus removed from the POP3 mail server) and I then next get e-mail on my Pre. It seems that if the message is no longer on the server, the Pre just deletes it from the phone.

    Curiously, this does not happen with e-mails in the trash folder, which must annoyingly be deleted one at a time.

    Is there some way to solve at least this situation? I like to keep some old e-mails in my inbox on my Pre as reminders of tasks I need to complete. If they're going to self-delete, however, this obviously won't work.

    I really can't believe the enormous step backward I have taken by "upgrading" from a Treo to a Pre! Very disappointing, to say the least.
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    check settings in pre email app for history/download days. it will remove anything older than that.
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