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    How in THE HELL do I get rid of them....

    I have 82 mafia wars people in my contacts who don't even speak english lol
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    *bump* no one has any idea ?
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    If you go into your contacts, select preferences, facebook, scroll down amd click remove.
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    Yes, so far, there's no way to filter which Facebook contacts are synced with your Pre. I ended up unlinking my Facebook address book from my Pre for that reason. Most of my real contacts are already in my Google address book anyway, so the Facebook sync didn't really add anything for me.

    It would certainly be a lot more useful if I could pick from one of my Facebook contact filters to sync from.
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    You cannot currently delete individual contacts from the Pre's Facebook Contacts.

    It's all or nothing.

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    Yet another ***-backwards crappy Palm Pre design decision. Makes you wonder what the F they were thinking.
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    This whole facebook debacle, both with the contacts and the zero-interaction browser is a major misstep and needs to be fixed right now. So far Palm seems to be missing with both the business and social media markets. I am happy with my device for the most part but the fact that it's been this long without a fix is pretty unacceptable.
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    does it bother you that much having there info on your phone?
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    If it didn't I wouldn't be talking about it.

    The point is, these fixes are implementable and simple and there's really no reason why it should be taking this long, especially during a critical time such as this when market share is being lost.
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    i personally don't want this "fixed" i like the cloud always syncing with my pre so if they change there number i would get it automatically but i guess having an option would be better for the rest of the people would don't want this
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    it's all good. options are good and I'm sure there will be more eventually but patience isn't really my thing these days.
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    I'm not sure why it's a big deal. Set it so it doesn't sync with Facebook. Most people if it's someone they want to have in their contact list will already have them in Outlook or gmail or whatever.
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    Facebook created groups because it understood discretion, and people didn't want for ex. co-workers seeing personal items. Facebook has excellent controls and privacy. Why won't palm allow us to utilize that feature and sync with a particular facebook group?
    It boggles the mind....frustrating.
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    I like when people are upset that they have too many facebook friends that they don't even know.

    ...just sayin

    /devil's advocate.

    But seriously, it doesn't annoy me at all, i thought it would, but I never use my contact list to find who I want to call...i just start typing.
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    Not sure about mafia wars, but i know in mob wars you could remove a friend after you added them to your mob and they'd stay in your mob.. that's what i always did...
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    A very simple fix would be to allow you to do the initial sync, and then be able to choose on the Pre who stays and who goes. The next time the Pre syncs with Facebook, it should avoid those people you deleted unless you somehow manually tell it not to.

    The lack of control over this is frustrating when you just want to pop into the address book and find a name. I know, you can pop open the keyboard and start typing in the name -- sometimes I don't want to pop open the keyboard, but I find I *have* to every time I want to call someone with this glitch.

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